Important Announcement

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The Maine Girls’ Academy Ceases Operations July 15, 2018

PORTLAND, Maine, July 5, 2018 – The Maine Girls’ Academy Board of Trustees has voted to cease operations and close the school as of July 15, 2018.  This difficult and sad decision was made necessary by lower enrollment and revenue than would be needed to operate the school throughout the upcoming school year.

Over the past few years, the faculty, staff, Board and families of the newly independent Maine Girls’ Academy (MGA) have worked tirelessly to preserve an all-girls educational option for girls in Maine, understanding the tremendous benefits realized by girls’ learning and developing in this environment.  While there continues to be demand for the unique all girls’ educational and developmental experience offered by MGA, it was not sufficient to support the school going forward.

“The girls and their future have always been our top priority.  We deeply thank our families and donors for the faith they have had in our mission and for their commitment to the girls and their school.” stated Heidi Osborn, chair of the Board of Trustees. “We continue to believe that an all-girls school and learning environment is important and beneficial for girls and our communities.”

The Board of Trustees also thanks the devoted staff and faculty who have worked so hard for years to support the school and educate the girls. The Trustees  share and appreciate the anguish this decision will cause MGA students, families, employees, alumnae and supporters, and the loss this will be to the State of Maine.

Given the timing and impact of this decision. North Yarmouth Academy (NYA) and the Maine Girls’ Academy have worked together to create what both schools believe is an attractive transition option for the MGA students. NYA will accept current MGA students and will recognize MGA’s admission standards. Further, NYA will honor each student’s current MGA 2018-19 enrollment agreement and family contribution towards tuition.  NYA is a highly regarded independent school that will offer a superb education to any MGA student who chooses to pursue studies there. Like MGA, NYA strives to provide a learning environment that promotes individual attention and strong relationships between students and faculty. The MGA staff and Trustees believe that the opportunity to attend NYA presents the students and their families with a like-minded educational community that can include with many of their peers and friends.