New Middle School Program

Middle School should be amazing!

7th and 8th Grade at MGA Begins Fall 2018. We firmly believe 7th and 8th grade is a window of time when girls need us.  The more prepared they are in 7th and 8th grade, the further we can take them in grades 9 to 12, impacting all aspects of their intellectual, emotional and social development to produce graduates well positioned for challenging college work.  On a social-emotional level, we can support girls as they go through what is often considered the most challenging developmental phase of their lives. We have the opportunity to take these challenging years and offer an encouraging, validating, and supportive environment that allows a girl to forge her character and leadership skills.   

We will offer an interdisciplinary program based on research that shows that an interdisciplinary approach promotes stronger connections to faculty which is vital for academic success for girls as well as allows for a deeper understanding of the material. The curriculum will include a designated leadership component which will focus on a deep understanding of self-identity, group dynamics, personal strengths and goals, communication, and study skills. These fundamentals will position middle school girls for further exploration and implementation at the secondary school level, including but not limited to completing a successful senior capstone project; seeking appropriate internship opportunities; being catalysts for change; and engaging in mentor opportunities. Click here for an overview and FAQs about our new middle school program.

Interested in learning more about our 7th and 8th grade program? Contact the Admission Office at (207) 797-3802 ext. 2022  or schedule a visit and tour using the form below.