Top Ten Things to Love About MGA

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Seniors Chloe Cott and Sanni Hackett are feeling a bit nostalgic as they look back over their four memorable years at their beloved high school. Together they have created a Top Ten List of Things to Love About MGA…

10. Family Feel. Everyone is like a sister, it goes beyond friendship.

9. Sense of Freedom. Teachers trust and respect us.

8. Confidence to Speak Our Minds. To speak up in classes, on the courts, on the field, in the lab…everywhere!

7. Everyone is Their Best Self. There is a large diversity of personalities and everyone is accepted for who they are no matter what race, ethnicity, religion, or identity.

6. Faculty Who Truly Care. Teachers listen to us and are responsive to our needs. They care about making classes better and improving our learning environment; they truly want us to succeed

5. Unique and Fun Traditions. We celebrate so many fun holidays and traditions, always with our own Academy spin; Kris Kringle, Halloween, Homecoming, and Spirit Week with PowderPuff Football Game, McAuley Tea, Welcome Breakfast, Grandparents Day, Class Day, Big and Little Sisters.

4. Our School Evolves with Our Needs. Volleyball team, Environmental Club, CivilTEA, and added study hall every day are just a few examples of student led initiatives the Academy implemented.

3. Close Knit and Supportive Sports Teams. Teams celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, no matter how big or small, and welcome teammates new to the sport no matter their ability.

2. Never Just a Number. You are an individual, a face and a name that everyone knows, understands, and cares about.

1. Strong Bonds and Fond Memories. The experience at MGA is like no other school in Maine. Making fond memories and building strong bonds in the classroom, in the hallways, in everything we do is an important part of our school. We all want a memorable high school experience that we will cherish for a lifetime and that is exactly what we have at MGA.

As a school we would add one more thing we love about MGA to this list…

Our Students. Chloe, Sanni, and all of our girls are the heart and soul of our school and the #1 reason why we all show-up, fully, giving 110% everyday. We value each and everyone of them, just as they are. The passion, energy, and many contributions of our students are what make our school the extraordinary place that it is.