Online Virtual High School

The Maine Girls’ Academy is pleased to offer 200 courses through Virtual High School (VHS), a fully-accredited online program of global communication that encourages higher-level thinking and collaboration beyond the classroom walls.

Interested in Forensic Science? Or the Chinese language and culture? Let Virtual High School propel you into the 21st Century through a host of offerings designed to see you succeed – and gain course credit at the same time. Advanced Placement and Honors courses, as well as core classes and electives, are all available in the world of Virtual High School. The possibilities are endless.

MGA is committed to helping all students succeed in their VHS endeavors. With a site coordinator here at the school, along with a trained VHS instructor, students have the tools they need to navigate either a semester class or full-year academic course. Whatever the choice, MGA and VHS engage and inspire students and cultivate shared learning.

To view a complete list of VHS offerings, as well as other enrollment information, please click here.  

Virtual High School: One click. One world. Infinite possibilities.

For more information, please contact Marie Eschner, Director of Guidance, at (207) 797-3802 ext. 2060.