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The Maine Girls’ Academy established the “Dreams to Vision” program to enable individuals, families, companies, foundations, alumnae, classmates and friends to provide full, half or partial tuition to a young woman for her years at MGA. The program gives donors the ability to form bonds and make commitments to students by financing the “Dreams to Vision” Scholarship.

Many donors want to support MGA in a more personal way, and what is more rewarding than watching a young girl with great dreams become a woman of great vision?

The “Dreams to Vision” program provides life-changing academic, social and moral experiences for a young woman who would not otherwise be able to afford an Academy education. The personal bond developed between the student and her benefactor(s), is oftentimes just as, if not more, rewarding for the donor.

2016-2017 Full Cost of Education $22,025
2016-2017 Full Tuition $16,500
2016-2017 One Semester $8,250
2016-2017 One Quarter $4,125
2016-2017 One Month $1,650


An endowment is a fund that is maintained in perpetuity, and a portion of the annual investment return is used for the purposes specified by the donor. The rest of the investment yield is returned to the endowment’s principal. The MGA endowment is invested by financial professionals contracted by MGA and overseen by the school’s Board of Trustees, administration and the Director of Finance & Operations. 

Named scholarships are the most reliable source of need-based aid for exceptional students from all backgrounds. Each of the named scholarships listed here help make it possible for MGA to fulfill its promise — supporting need-blind admission with need-based financial aid. Named scholarships are a special way to acknowledge someone special in your life and a lasting legacy and investment in future generations of MGA students.

Listed below are endowed funds available to MGA students:

AUGER SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Established in 1990 in honor of Sister Mary Louis Auger, RSM, CHS ’37, and awarded to a student who is entering MGA from a local Catholic elementary school and in need of tuition assistance.

GERMAINE BOTTO SCHOLARSHIP: Established in 1996 for scholarship support for deserving students at MGA.

ANNE C. CONROY SCHOLARSHIP: Established in 2003 by J. Eileen Conroy, CHS ’50, in loving memory of her sister, Anne C. Conroy, CHS ’50, to provide financial aid to a student/s attending MGA with evidence of economic need, personal effort and academic achievement.

J. EILEEN CONROY SCHOLARSHIP: Established in 2017 by J. Eileen Conroy, CHS ’50, to provide financial aid to a student/s attending MGA with evidence of economic need, personal effort, and “willing to lend a hand” as Eileen did throughout her life and which was a descriptor in her 1950 yearbook.

MARGARET C. CRAVEN SCHOLARSHIP: Established in 1987 by Sister M. Rita Thornton, RSM, CHS ’28, in loving memory of her aunt, to provide tuition assistance for a deserving student entering her senior year at MGA.

MARGARET C. (CHS ‘30) & MARY R. (CHS ‘29) GRIFFIN SCHOLARSHIP: Established in August 2007, this endowed scholarship was funded through the estate of the Griffin sisters to offer financial aid to students in need.

HOLLIS AND IDA STEELE HANSON FUND: Established by Ida Steele Hanson in 1997 in memory of her beloved husband and in support of young people and their education at MGA.

SISTER THERESE HARNOIS, SJA ‘46, SCHOLARSHIP: Established in memory of Sister Therese, who dedicated her life to educating students through music and spent several years teaching and volunteering at CMHS. This scholarship will be awarded to a junior or senior student who shares the same love and appreciation of music and the fine arts. 

JANICE M. HUTCHINSON AWARD: Established in 2000 through the will of Muriel A. Hutchinson in loving memory of her daughter, Janice M. Hutchinson, who attended St. Joseph’s Academy.

SISTER EDWARD MARY KELLEHER SCHOLARSHIP: Established in 2004 to honor Sister Edward Mary as she completed her 25th year as principal of CMHS. The scholarship is awarded to students who have completed their first year and are recognized for leadership, service and academic excellence. Additional honorarial donations to this fund are welcomed and kindly appreciated.

KERR FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP: Established in 2004 by Agnes, CHS ’24, and Helen, CHS ’28, Kerr through a Charitable Remainder Trust to assist worthy students with the cost of attending MGA.

SISTER MARY LOUISE LANDRY SCHOLARSHIP: Established by Sister Mary Louise Landry for deserving students with financial need. 

McDONALD O’MALLEY SCHOLARSHIP: To be used for tuition assistance for financially needy students. Established in 2007 by John and Katherine O’Malley (CHS ’32) McDonald in memory of Cummon and Mary Conley O’Malley and Mary O’Malley, CHS ’29.

HELEN & ANDREW McSWEEN SCHOLARSHIP: Established in 2005 by Mr. and Mrs. McSween through a Charitable Remainder Trust to honor their daughter, Sally McSween, and in loving memory of Andrew’s sister, Sister M. Dolores Sablone, RSM, and Andrew’s beloved teacher, Sister M. Angela Roche, RSM, CHS ‘22.

THOMAS & SARAH NORTON TRUST: Established in 1990 through Marie Cecile Norton’s will in memory of her husband’s parents, Thomas and Sarah Norton. Income from the Trust is to provide a scholarship to an entering MGA student to help defray the cost of tuition and other expenses.

JIM & MAXINE POURAVELIS SCHOLARSHIP: Established in December 2006 in memory of James and Maxine Pouravelis, two devoted and vibrant members of the MGA community, this scholarship will provide financial assistance to young women seeking an education at The Maine Girls’ Academy, an education Jim and Maxine saw as essential to the intellectual, athletic and spiritual development of young women. Through the hope that is nurtured by an Academy education, this scholarship will continue to keep their hope in new beginnings alive.

CHARLES & GERTRUDE RICKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Established by the Ricker Family in 2007 to benefit a student/s attending MGA who has economic needs, shows personal effort, contributes to family and community through service and shows academic ability.

MATT & SARAH MARSHALL RYAN ’03 SCHOLARSHIP: Established in 2014 by Sarah and Matt for an incoming student who is a serious learner and involved in the MGA community, service and extracurricular activities.

SCANLON FAMILY FUND: Established in 1992 by Catherine M. Scanlon, CHS ’36, and Anne E. Scanlon, CHS ’39, for tuition assistance.

SISTER MARY EVANGELIST WARD AND SISTER MARY JEROME MURPHY FUND: Established by an anonymous donor in 1999 to benefit a student/s attending MGA who has economic needs, shows personal effort, contributes to family and community through service and shows academic ability.

JANE C. WELLEHAN CREATIVE LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP: Established by Jane C. Wellehan in 2007 to benefit a graduating senior who shows outstanding interest in participation of class and school activities by using original ideas and creative thinking. Her leadership has enhanced her class, the school and her environment in a positive, enriching manner.

For more information, please contact the MGA Advancement Office at (207) 797-3802 ext. 2018.

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