Why MGA?

The Maine Girls’ Academy prepares young women to continue their education and to be leaders in their careers, communities and the world. Academy girls go on to the finest colleges and universities, to rewarding and sometimes groundbreaking careers and to rich and fulfilling lives.

At MGA, girls learn, grow and excel in an educational environment designed just for them. Academy girls speak up more in class, assume more leadership roles and spend their days surrounded by strong female mentors and role models. An Academy education instills a rare confidence and commitment that extends far beyond graduation. Academy girls stand out, and they always stand up for what they believe.

Academy girls are confident thinkers, compassionate leaders and purposeful change makers. Oh, and Academy girls have so much fun.

Just ask an Academy girl about Homecoming, the Winter Formal, Spirit Week, Secret Santa and Prom. Ask her how it feels to have an entire school turn out to cheer her championship game, or what a rush it is to win a drama competition as part of an all-girl troupe.

Ask an Academy girl about all the different ways you can accessorize a plaid skirt and how much she looks forward to Jeans Days. Ask her who her Big Sister is and how her locker was decorated on her very first day. Ask her how welcome New Student Orientation made her feel and how great it is to hang out every day with her very best friends.

No matter what exciting adventures life holds for our girls, they will always be Academy girls. They are part of an extraordinary tradition of women of vision. Academy girls live all over the world doing all sorts of wonderful things. Wherever they go, they will always have sisters.

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