Girl Power

Why a Girls’ School?

Girls’ schools are a unique and exciting alternative to the traditional co-educational norm. They give girls an edge and are unparalleled in graduating confident, successful young women.

Girls’ schools provide a challenging, yet safe environment that gives each student an opportunity to showcase her learning, leadership and intellect.

Girls’ schools create a culture of support and high expectations shaped by respect and relationships. The experience allows students to pursue and share their interests and talents, to explore, take risks, work collaboratively and ask questions, maximizing intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth.

The Maine Girls’ Academy is the only school in Maine where everything is designed just for girls. At MGA, girls are surrounded by role models. Every top scholar, artist, team captain and student council president is a girl. MGA focuses on the distinct learning styles of girls, responding to the emerging brain research on the way girls learn best and introducing the “habits of mind” that will support them throughout their years in high school, college and beyond.

Our students and their families tell us again and again that the all-female education has given them an advantage in college, in their careers and in their communities. And according to a lot of national, comprehensive research, they’re right.

The National Foundation for Educational Research discovered that girls attending all-girls’ schools choose math and science courses at double the national average.

A recent Harvard study discovered that an all-girl education doubled a girl’s chances of obtaining a PhD and of having a successful career. As researchers Myra and David Sadker of American University put it, “When girls go to single-sex schools, they stop being the audience and become the players.”

Choosing a high school experience this special is a big decision. Our students choose MGA so that they can be part of the All-Girl Advantage with the tools that will enable them to become confident thinkers, compassionate leaders and purposeful change makers.

Thinking about MGA? Schedule a Shadow Day by registering below or request an information packet, schedule a tour or apply today by contacting the Admission Office at (207) 797-3802 ext. 2022. For more information on the All-Girl Advantage, visit the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools.

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