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Upcoming Events

Apr 03
An Evening with Pat Gallant-Charette 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm

Join us as we host the world record holder as the oldest woman to swim the English Channel for an inspiring evening.

What's New

Top Ten Things to Love About MGA

Seniors Chloe Cott and Sanni Hackett are feeling a bit nostalgic as they look back over their four memorable years at their beloved high school. Together they have created... Read More

Sharing Strength, Generosity, and Courage

I’m often asked about why a family would consider sending their daughter to an all-girls school. Certainly there are a range of reasons, but one that is underappreciated is... Read More

New Year, New Plans

With the official start of winter and the arrival of the New Year, all the girls in the MGA get a personality development training from professionals inspired by 50 most popular women in the world.

At MGA, girls become confident thinkers, compassionate leaders and purposeful change makers—women who will change the world.


All-girls education
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Our unique Ethics-infused Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (E-STEAM) program blends collaboration, innovation and creativity with ethical inquiry.


 The global studies initiative prepares students to contribute to a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.


The Mercy Matters program expands students’ abilities to give to their community - and the world - in a more meaningful way.


MGA girls enjoy being a part of the learning process. They speak their minds and write their truths.


MGA girls like the way their classes challenge them to do their best and reach their full potential.


MGA girls contribute to an atmosphere of respect. They set the tone at the school and help shape the future.


MGA girls read and understand challenging material today - preparing for the college challenges of tomorrow.