Academy girls are at the top of the class.


“At girls’ schools, it’s ‘cool to be smart’ – there’s a culture of achievement in which a girl’s academic progress is of central importance, and the discovery and development of her individual potential is paramount.”
– Meg Milne Moulton, NCGS

The Maine Girls’ Academy’s Class of 2016 achieved 100% college acceptance to the nation’s finest colleges and universities and earned nearly $7 million in scholarships and grants. But our rigorous, college-preparatory academic program does more than prepare girls to succeed in the college admission process. MGA girls are prepared to succeed in college and in their careers.

MGA students choose classes each semester from a rigorous curriculum packed with history and the social humanities, literature, mathematics and science, fine arts and world languages. Honors and AP courses are available in all disciplines. And because MGA participates in Virtual High School, MGA students can access (and receive credit for) an additional 200 online courses.

The National Foundation for Educational Research discovered that girls attending all-girls’ schools choose math and science courses at double the national average, and this is certainly true at MGA. Our commitment to the E-STEAM areas - Ethics-infused Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics - gives students the edge they need to soar.

MGA’s 1:7 teacher/student ratio and small class sizes (an average class has just thirteen students!) ensure MGA students the individual attention they need to excel. Our wirelessly-networked campus encourages individual and collaborative learning anywhere and at any time while familiarizing our students with cutting-edge technology. And MGA has exceptional academic advising and college counseling, so every Academy girl has the resources and support she needs to succeed.