“Why McAuley?” – by Michele Lawless, Parent ’17

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Why McAuley?
By: Michele Lawless, Parent ’17

The true beauty of McAuley is that we, as a community (the parents, staff, students and friends), get to see all the young women that we so love find their place, their “home.” Through the nurturing, acceptance, expectations and challenges that McAuley offers, our daughters discover, embrace and live who they really, truly are. What an invaluable gift!

As parents, we are giving our daughters so much more than just a world-class education. This wonderful, committed, talented community provides a safe, caring space for girls to take risks, make mistakes, find their truths and be who they are meant to be. I could never thank you all enough for giving that to my daughter.

From the very beginning, Peter, Maggie and I have been enthusiastic in our belief that McAuley is the perfect fit for Maggie. As each day goes by and we see the sheer joy with which our daughter is living her life, our love and gratitude for McAuley just deepens.