National French Contest Kudos!

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Congratulations to the top three winners of the National French Contest, administered at Catherine McAuley High School in March! 

Jordyn Carr ’16 ranked 10th in the Maine Chapter and 11th nationally.  Siobhan Kenneally ’15 ranked 9th in the Maine Chapter and 15th nationally, and Viviane Kostin ’15 ranked an impressive 3rd in the Maine Chapter and 6th nationally!
All three of these students took different levels of the exam based on their experience with the language, both at home and in school, and all will receive certificates from the AATF (American Association of Teachers of French) who sponsor the “Grand Concours”. In addition, Miss Kostin will receive a Laureat Certificate and a Bronze Medal in recognition of her national ranking! 
Approximately 100,000 students take this exam each year, so these young ladies should be very proud of their achievements!