McAuley Students Meet Nobel Prize Recipient

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Nobel Prize
McAuley student representatives from the International and Student Action Clubs attended a “Justice for Women” lecture by Leymah Gbowee at the Council for International Education Exchange (CIEE) on Thursday, March 28.  Leymah Gbowee of Liberia was a 2011 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. 
Gbowee urged students to follow their beliefs even in the face of obstacles or criticism. Some of the ideas she shared with the students are as follows:
“The pathway to leadership is not wide, not fancy, and doesn’t take a lot of money. It’s the fire that burns within you.  If you find one crazy buddy to join you, you’ve already succeeded.”
One student asked how young people can get others, especially our state leaders, to listen. Gbowee urged action.  “No idea that was going to make history was applauded from the beginning. Do something and recognition will come. It takes perseverance. It may be hard.  Nothing easy is sustainable.”  
When asked by a student what she can do today to make a difference, Gbowee suggested that people start with everyday issues, such as bullying, and reach out to those who are different.   “You must exhibit an attitude of oneness.  Walk and talk and treat people right and it will be catching.”