McAuley Kicks Off ‘Operation Leatherneck’!

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Click on the following link to view WGME 13’s impressive coverage of McAuley’s Veterans’ Day assembly and ‘Operation Leatherneck’ kick off:

The challenge has been set to gift our troops at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan with as many supplies as possible.  Let’s work together to show our support and to make their Christmas season a merry one.

Suggested Supplies

Mrs. Herrick’s Homeroom: chips, dips, beef jerky, trail mix (snack packs), lasagna, spaghetti, mac & cheese, and beef stew (easy-to-open plastic containers)

Ms. Redlon’s Homeroom: fruits & nuts (dried snack packs), pudding & jell-o, beef jerky, soups (plastic containers), hard candy & gum

Ms. Rand’s Homeroom: crackers, cookies & power bars (snack packs), cereal (individual boxes or cups), beef jerky, cheese (plastic squeeze containers), tea, coffee, hot cocoa & powdered drinks (individual servings)

JB’s Homeroom: shaving cream (non-aerosol), eye drops, saline spray/drops, Kleenex (individual packs), Tampax

Mrs. Cook’s Homeroom:  laundry soap (trial size, single-load packs or tablets), baby wipes, liquid body wash, deodorant (roll on or gel)

Mrs. Grodzka’s Homeroom: baby wipes, shampoo & conditioner, lotion tubes, sunblock & aloe

Ms. Dubreuil’s Homeroom: dental floss, toothbrushes & paste, baby wipes, CDs

Mrs. Ponzetti’s Homeroom: baby wipes, waterless soap, DVDs, pens

Mr. Wagner’s Homeroom: writing paper & envelopes, flashlights, bulbs, batteries, handheld games, Deet insect repellent

Mrs. Anderson-Ek’s Homeroom: Dr. Scholl’s moleskin, Tampax, baby wipes, Blistex, Vaseline & Carmex (squeeze tubes)

Ms. Blais’ Homeroom: Tampax, baby wipes, baby powder & foot powder, DVDs & CDs

Mrs. French’s Homeroom: toilet paper (1″ x 4″), q-tips (travel packs), disposable razors, baby wipes, Tampax