A New Academic Vision

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Our Academic Dean Rebecca Redlon has led the development and implementation of a new academic vision for The Maine Girls’ Academy and in partnership with our Faculty has developed an innovative research-based curriculum which has been reimagined for the 21st century and tailored for the unique ways girls learn. In a new series of blog posts, Ms. Redlon will share the research which led to the new curriculum and details about the program and its signature threads.

Mercy Matters: How it Began

Three years ago, when I took the position of Academic Dean, one of my largest tasks was to review the academic program.  After weeks of examination and reflection, I came away with the observation that we offered some solid individual college preparatory courses but that they were taught in isolation with no singular purpose.  In other words, there was no academic vision.

This final deduction left me with the following questions:  what did we want students to be able to demonstrate after four years? How could the program cover not just course content but also other important facets, such as the mission and our core values?  And finally, what was the best way to incorporate the skills we know students need in order to succeed in college and the workplace?

As a result of a great deal of research and collaboration with my faculty colleagues, the Mercy Matters program was born.  As a program, Mercy Matters provides a flexible structural framework for the scope and sequence of our core curriculum along with a complex integration of research, writing, and presentation skills; habits of mind and service learning; mission and core values; signature threads and arts integration; and student self-care and meaningful reflection.  The very foundation of the program is built around the concept of mercy, social justice, and doing right — doing right for our students and by our students so that they, in turn, can do right themselves.

Because of the program’s intricacies, this will be the first in a several-part series discussing the Mercy Matters Program and its benefits to the students of The Maine Girls’ Academy.  The next installment will cover Skills and Habits of Mind.

by Rebecca Redlon, Academic Dean

We look forward to sharing all components of Mercy Matters on the blog. Upcoming posts in this series:

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