Thoughts for a Successful Year

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Yesterday MGA celebrated our first day of school with our Back-to-School Assembly followed by our traditional Welcome Breakfast for the entire student body. Mrs. Freeman, Director of College Counseling and Student Services, inspired us all with poignant words of wisdom inspired by the Tiny Buddha Blog. We want to share beyond our MGA community, inviting everyone to find their inner courage today and every day.

Welcome, all to another new year- a time and a place that is unique to each one of us, filled with endless possibilities. One would think that grades and achievement are the most important characteristics of a school community.  However, this is The Maine Girls’ Academy, and we believe there is more to being a student and learningWe believe that each one of you has the courage to become a thinker, a leader and change maker- because we know that these types of people will be instrumental in making our world a better place.  Michelle Obama said it best when she said, “If my future were determined just by performance on a standardized test, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”  

Being a leader, thinker or change maker requires courage, kindness, perseverance …the list goes on and we hope to instill all of these in each of you over the next year.  In that spirit, we would like to share these thoughts –thoughts that will help all of us have a successful year:

  1. Have the courage to focus on the good in people. None of us is perfect. So, look for what is good and strong in each other.

  2. Have the courage to smile. When we smile, we become mindful and step out of our preoccupation. No matter how you connect with others, have the courage to smile. Whether you’re connecting face-to-face, or via Twitter, email, chat, Skype, or phone, your inner and outer smile will be felt by the person you are connecting with.

  3. Have the courage to let go of grudges. It is easy to have negative thoughts when someone has harmed you or made you unhappy.  These thoughts will harden your heart. Have the courage to let these thoughts go and focus on the beauty of the present moment instead.

  4. Have the courage to be helpful. The key to creating lasting friendships is to think about what you can do for your friends, for each other.  There are six magic words that help create unbreakable bonds between people.  Have the courage to ask- What can I do to help?

  5. Have the courage to be kind. We might not always be right, but we can always be kind

  6. Have the courage to be grateful. It’s easy to take friends for granted. But if you want to strengthen your friendships, do the opposite. Everyone loves to be valued. Think of your friends with gratitude. Have the courage to express your gratitude to them in words and deeds

  7. Have the courage to try new things- explore new opportunities. Stepping outside your comfort zone will open a world of possibilities.  MGA is here to help all of you reach your potential by trying new things.

  8. Have the courage to think, lead and enact change- to benefit your little corner of our world.

One last piece of advice: “Go easy on yourself.  Whatever you do today, have the courage to let it be enough.”